Mission Up Date 11/22/2013

Hi family,

I think I will write a few times a month because there isn’t much variation in my letters.  We go to the ROC center every day and do various things.  We do have a few different things during the month of December so that will add variety.  We have a Zone Meeting where we will bring potluck and have the Stake President over our center come and speak to us and have a few musical numbers planned.  Then the Mission President has planned a temple day with activities after and a New Years party with lunch and dinner that should be enjoyable for the whole mission which includes the young elders and sisters.

We have been going to a class on Ancestral Qwest at the Family History library each Wednesday.  We think we want to purchase Ancestral Qwest for our own personal way to keep our genealogy.  It talks well with Family Tree so Dad down loaded it today ( the free trial package) and we are going to start putting information about our family which includes you.  I wish I had my thumb drive from Pickleville with all our families vital information on it so I could put it on Ancestral Qwest.  I might be bugging you again for some dates.  Then if we all use the same program then we can talk back and forth to each other in exchanging information.  We will learn it well then be able to teach you.  In the meantime, whevever you get time, play around with Family Tree on the internet and learn you way around that.  There are some stories about some of your ancestors on there and I am putting on a few more here in a few weeks.

We are happy you are all spending Thanksgiving together.  Have fun!  We are going to the Kruckenburg’s for Thanksgiving dinner then the next night going to the symphony.  We went to Natalie’s last Sunday night and played Farkel and had homemade pumpkin pie.  That was fun.  Nat seems really happy.  Sue and Robyn are coming down to her concert on Dec. 7th so that is fun to look forward to and to spent the weekend with them.

We had the missionaries over last week for dinner.  I can’t believe the Church gives them each mini I-pads.  It is awesome!  They pulled up a little video clip and then we discussed the topic.  They want us to come to a gentleman’s apt with them one of these nights and listen to them have a discussion with him.  Love you all,  Elder and Sister Larsen

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