Mission Up Date 12/1/2013

Dear Family,

We hear you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday together!  We are still waiting for Janell or someone to call for the details.  It does our hearts good to know that you were all together.  We can just imagine the fun and food and craziness.  All of you are great!

We had a nice Thanksgiving meal at the Zone Leaders home.  We played cards afterwards and had a good time. Our favorite couple, Elder and Sister Johnson from Salt Lake, will be going home in three weeks.  We will miss them. However, we get one of their couches so we are excited about that.  We have a new missionary couple coming in from the Midwest so it will be fun to get to know them and see what we can learn about them.  We also went to the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and Choir.  Wow!  they did Holiday Pops so it started off the Christmas season well.  The lights have been turned on at the Mesa Temple.  We will help at the visitor’s center each Wednesday to count the people who come through the doors.  That will be nice.  There is a different choir that sings each night.

Susette and Robyn will be here Fri., Sat. and Sun. of this week.  We will spend some time with them and go to Natalie’s Christmas concert Sat. night.  We are going to go to a Craft fair in Tempe on Fri. and do something on Sat before the concert. We live about a mile and a half from the Mesa Temple and about three miles from the Mesa Arts Center where the concert will be.  So maybe they can stop and see where we live and serve.

Each day is interesting and we are meeting some interesting people.  Elder Stephen who sits by us at his computer is a convert to the church.  His family are of the Mofia type from back east and he has some very interesting stories.  He is always asking us what we did for fun if we didn’t smoke or drink or do drugs.  He has a fun sense of humor but often crosses the line with a few swear words.  He isn’t totally converted and sometimes thinks we are a cult. So we pray for him and hope we are a good influence on him. He really likes Dad and asks me if he can corrupt him.  He doesn’t have much family.  Hates his brother.  Never talks to his Mother back east. Just a different bringing up.

We thank the Lord each night for all of you and for your love and support.  We just can’t say that enough  Thank you.  We were at a swap meet and Dad bought a license cover that said “I bought this car for my wife.  Pretty good trade huh!”  Where have you heard that before? Funny Funny Dad.  Have a great week!  Keep counting your blessings. Tis the season.

Love you Dad and Mom

P.S.  We try everyday to get our moneys worth!!!

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