Rebecca Nurse – has been found

Rebecca Nurse is definitely in our Family Line

Dear Family;  (I know some of you were interested to know the following information, also some of your children were very interested to find out how Rebecca Nurse fit into our family)

I finally found our line that relates us to Rebecca Nurse, who was one of 19 hanged as Witches in the infamous Salem Witch Trials.  It is through my Dad, Lucine Otto Howard.  His Dad was Stanton Howard.

Stanton Howard’s Dad was Ira Stanton Howard (1864-1932)
Ira Stanton Howard’s Mom was Tirza Paermelia Warner (1835-1900)
Tirza Paermelia Warner’s dad was Luther Warner (1798-1850)
Luther Warner’s mother was Mary Russell (1743-1846)
Mary Russell’s dad was Archelaus Russell(1730-1902)
Archelous Russell’s Dad was Ebenezr Russell (1688-1761)
Ebenezr Russell’s Mom was Elizabeth Nurse (1665-1733)
Elizabeth Nurse’s Mom was Rebecca (Town) Nurse (1621-1692)

That would make her my 8th Great Grandmother as I see it.
I attached an article that I found on the internet of her life.  I found it very interesting.  Your children have studied or will study about this in their History classes.  I know Daisy has and she read “The Crucible” in her class which is about this trial.

I might win the prize at our Center for the most interesting ancestor.

Love you all,  Sister Larsen

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