We have passed the half-way mark!

May 19th was our half-way mark.  We didn’t burn anything.  We celebrated by going to a musical of Les Miserables at the Phoenix theater.  It was quite excellent.  The singers were wonderful.

Serving at the ROC (records operation center) is going well.  We have some really nice, fun couples in our room and are getting to be quite good friends.  Elder and Sister Austin have brought us extra pans.  One nice soup pan and some loaf pans and a crock pot.  They gave Elder Larsen a computer desk.  He re-stained it and it looks quite nice and takes up a lot less room than the white plastic table.  They gave us a chair that he is now using for his computer chair. People are so nice and giving.

We will take some pictures this week with some of these couples we serve with.

We have had a single sister move in behind us.  She came here with hardly nothing from Iowa.  She is a member but her family is not.  She wanted to be around more Latter-Day Saints so she chose to come to Arizona. Her two boys will join her for the school year.  She has a lot of enthusiasm and she has been over a few times for dinner and games.

We are starting to see some of the things we have worked on come into Family Search Wiki.  It is exciting to know that we had a part in going over the records before the church released them on Family Search.

Sometimes we wonder why we had to come to Arizona to serve at this center when we could have gone to Sandy or Orem.  However, I don’t wonder anymore when I see that not everyone knows the computer like Elder Larsen.  He is very valuable in keeping peoples projects up and running on their computers and answering their questions and teaching them little shortcuts.  He adds humor to the center and is very kind and understanding.  I have learned a lot by sitting by him 7 hours a day. He just keeps learning himself.  When we get home he is right back at the computer trying to learn and come up with ways to make things more efficient for others and writing up simple instructions that they can understand.  He is always thinking.  He wears me out.

We have a Family Home evening on the 3rd Monday of the month with other full time senior missionaries.  We all bring something to add to the meal.  We hear about their experiences serving on the Indian reservations.  They are very interesting.  That is the only time we get to mingle with the Mission President and his wife.  President and Sister Jenkins.  They are wonderful people.

We are quite liking our little apartment.  We are quite cozy.  A bigger house might wear me out.  I won’t know what to do without turning around and bumping into Elder Larsen.  He cleans up the dishes.  Makes the bed.  Vacuums the floor.  I hope he keeps it up when our mission is over.

I think we are having missionary experiences by trying to be examples to those around us.  Our neighbors are very interesting but nice.  We are tending a fish for one neighbor who had to drive to New York with her husband because he has cancer and had to be treated there.

We did have to speak on Mother’s Day.  Elder Larsen’s talk was so good.  I hope he posts it on our blog along with his devotional talk.  I will make him post both.

We did get to drive to St. George for some doctor’s appointments at the end of May.  Janel and Justin’s family came down and it was a nice weekend.

We are learning a lot and becoming very interested in looking up our ancestors and reading their stories.  We don’t have a lot of time to work on our own genealogy but we do a little here and there.

We will try to post a few pictures.  Mostly of those people we serve with.  We will do better at keeping up with this blog.

Love our family and friends.  Appreciate the support from everyone.

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One thought on “We have passed the half-way mark!

  1. Caril

    Can’t believe that you are more than half way done!! I so wish that we were going to Lake Powell! I think Kynlee wishes so more than I do. Last night she had a good cry. She wanted to see you both and hang out with the family for the week. I hate how we all have to learn that life isn’t fair and that there is a time and season for all things. We are still “praying big” Love you!!


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